NETHERLANDS - Roland van den Brink, manager of acquisition and strategy with Rijswijk based Mn Services, the recently split fund management and administration arm of the NLG40bn (e18bn) Dutch metal and technical industries pension fund, BPMT, (Bedrijfstakpensioenfonds voor de Metaal en Technische Bedrijfstakken) is to leave the group and take up the role of managing director at the NLG25bn heavy metal industry pension fund PMI.

The move comes after negotiations between the social partners of PMI, BPMT and the Amsterdam based building workers pension fund Bouwnijverheid, on co-operation, from which Van den Brink says PMI will withdraw for the time being.
He explains the current set up of the two metal industry funds and his move from one to the other.
“ BPMT has disengaged from Mn Services, and so now there is only a contract between them.
“ The board of BPMT has set up a small office to support the fund.
“ PMI has a contract with PVF Achmea for its investment management, but they are setting up a small office to support the board and I am starting as managing director of that small office.”
Asked whether this will involve any change in the PVF Achmea investment contract, Van den Brink comments: “It’s to early to say about anything about that. Things will change, but I’d rather talk about the goal we are looking to achieve, which is enhanced quality.
He adds that his move to PMI, which he will make on May 1, will be a “new challenge”.
“ I’m now with Mn Services as a staff member, but in my new position as managing director I will be responsible for the pension fund investments.”
On the issue of third party management, espoused under Mn Services’ new regime, Van den Brink adds: “There has been a lot of speculation, but PMI, Bouw - the building workers and BPMT have made some studies on working together.
“ The building workers and BPMT are going further and PME has stopped the process.
“It’s not that PMI is not interested, but if you’re in a party with three alliances the complexity will go up.
“PMI has to do some homework first before it is powerful enough to be a real partner.
“ That is why we are concentrating now on setting up the new office and then we can see what is happening.”