UK - More than 70% of pension schemes do not actively pursue environmental issues, research from eShare has revealed.

Findings from 'The Big Green Survey' showed 94% of pension schemes believe they could do more to become environmentally friendly, although 7% of the respondents claimed they were not interested in any green issues.

eShare, a provider of governance software products for pension schemes, said although it understands the difficulty of considering the environmental impact in all scheme operations, the results of the survey "came as a surprise".

The company conducted the survey of 192 UK pension schemes in October 2007, in an attempt to discover how eco-friendly the pensions industry actually is, but admitted it expected trustees to set a "greener example".

That said, although 71% do not actively pursue environmental issues, eShare discovered 50% of schemes are now using technology to provide trustees with shareholder meetings information, which suggests attitudes towards technology are changing as more people opt-in to receive electronic information. 

Alister Esam, managing director of eShare, said: "Trustees are in a position of authority in society and act on behalf of scheme members.  As such we did expect them to be setting a 'greener' example."

"Schemes should really act now, introducing green initiatives to become socially aware, protecting the environment for future generations," he added.

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