NETHERLANDS - Over the last year ABN Amro's asset management business saw is assets under management rise to €192bn up from €176bn at year-end 2005.

Net new money inflow increased by €14.9bn throughout 2006.

Asset management brought a €235m profit to the group, which is 37.4% more than at year-end 2005. This helped to increase the profit for ABN Amro by 7.6% to €4.8bn.

In its 2006 results ABN Amro also announced that, pending approval of the relevant authorities, 55% of assets under management from the former joint venture with Banca Antonveneta will flow into ABN Amro's asset management operations. As of year-end 2005 the Italian bank had €14.5bn in assets under management.

In addition, ABN Amro will see the assets under management from ABN Amro Infrastructure Capital Management in London transferred to its operations in early 2007.