Corien Wortmann-Kool, a former Christian Democrat politician, is to become the chair of ABP from 1 January, the fund has confirmed.

Wortmann-Kool, who served as an MEP for 10 years until July this year, was chosen for her extensive network in Brussels and knowledge of the financial sector, according to the €334bn pension fund.

ABP vice-chairman José Meijer said Wortmann-Kool offered an ideal combination of knowledge and experience.

Wortmann-Kool emphasised her desire for “good and honest communication with members” and advocated clarity of communication about certainties and uncertainties, in order that members know what they can expect.

“Trust in pension funds has fallen in recent years,” she said.

“For future years, there are many changes in the pipeline, which may increase insecurity among members.”

Wortmann-Kool was an MEP for 10 years until July 2014 before stepping down ahead of the European Parliament elections and served as legislative spokesperson for the financial sector for the European People’s Party.

From 2009, she was the Dutch representative on the ECON committee, which oversees the IORP Directive, and also deputy chair of the EVP grouping.

Wortmann-Kool succeeds Henk Brouwer, who unexpectedly departed as ABP chair in May 2014 after three years in the post and a year and a half before his term was due to expire.

Two vice-chairs, Cees de Veer and José Meijer, have chaired the board in the interim.

ABP’s board has 12 members, with paritarian membership divided between employer and employee representatives, but Wortmann-Kool will act independently.