NETHERLANDS - Paul Frentrop, director of the Dutch branch of the European corporate governance agency Deminor, was today named as head of corporate governance for Dutch pension fund ABP's investment management arm.
Frentrop, the founder of Dutch Corporate Governance Services, will take up his responsibilities with the €215bn fund from the beginning of next year, ABP said in a statement today.
In an interview with IPE, Frentrop commented he will oversee ABP's push for more influence on the governance of corporations.

"Corporate governance will need to be integrated into the investment policy of ABP," he explained.

Though this process has already started, the fund intends to up its ante in its focus on European corporations, while ABP wants to pay specific attention to Dutch companies and their governance policies.
The approach will be twofold: while the fund will put more emphasis on exercising its voting right with companies in which it currently invests, corporate governance will also play a more prominent part in future investment decisions.

Frentrop said ABP will approach companies by holding a dialogue to influence corporate governance issues.

Asked about future policy issues around governance, such as the recent German legislation on 'acting in concert', Frentrop explains ABP remains unfazed.

The new legislation, which has been branded as having a negative impact on the willingness and ability of investors to remain active on the German market, is less likely to be of concern to a long-term investor such as ABP.

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