NETHERLANDS - Financial services provider Achmea has appointed former MP Bibi de Vries, and Kees Sibbing, as director at its department of Corporate Relations, it has announced.

De Vries, 43, will take up the job of director of umbrella organisations, lines of business and lobby groups, it said.

Between 1994 and the end of 2006, De Vries has been an MP for the liberal party VVD, being vice-chair of the group in parliament for three years.

As spokeswoman for pensions and social security, De Vries was one of the architects of the recently tabled amendment to allow banks to sell pension products as well.

Sibbing, 47, has been appointed as director for the wholesale market. He will be responsible for the activities of Achmea International Business Centre. Sibbing has been working for Achmea since 1999, most recently as manager business markets at the care division, the company said.

De Vries and Sibbing will start their new roles at March 1 and April 1 respectively, according to spokesman Marco Simmers.

Achmea Corporate Relations operates as the contact desk between outside customers and Achmea's six divisions, among which are pensions and insurance. Both new directors report to Achmea's executive chairman John Maassen.

Achmea is a service provider in financial and care services. It offers pensions administration, insurance, as well as bank and mortgage products.