SPAIN – The AEIP, the European Association of Paritarian Institutions, is organising a pensions conference in Barcelona next month.

The event will be held in cooperation with MGC, the Mútua General de Catalunya.

The conference will be entitled: "Complementary pension plans and regional investment: Instruments for cohesion and development".

The objective is to study whether a social protection scheme organised on a territorial basis – such as Italy’s PensPlan - could serve as an example for other regions in Europe.

The AEIP says PensPlan is “based on solidarity and thus reconciles social needs, economic sustainability and efficiency and is a strong driving force for local development”.

Representatives of the Region Trentino/South Tyrol and "PensPlan" will present their project and share experiences with the Spanish regions of Catalonia and of the Basque Country. The conference is free of charge.

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