Aidan Ward

  • Opinion Pieces

    Long-term matters: Of herds and bubbles

    March 2015 (Magazine)

    There is much talk in the investment community of the long term and fundamentals. Yet behaviour remains rather short term in practice

  • Opinion Pieces

    Every lesson helps

    December 2014 (Magazine)

    Here are 12 things arising from the Tesco accounting debacle that pension funds could deploy which would help prevent, or at least mitigate, similar implosions.

  • Opinion Pieces

    Whose risk counts?

    July 2013 (Magazine)

    Paul Woolley – a successful academic economist, regulator and fund manager – gave sustainability investors a direct challenge at the recent Responsible Investor conference.

  • Opinion Pieces

    Put the bee back in beta

    March 2013 (Magazine)

    What is the price of a bee? And more generally, where does the extinction of bee populations – and with bees much of agriculture as we know it – fit into discounted cash flow and other investment/risk decision-making tools?