US/EUROPE – The Association for Investment Management and Research (AIMR) has produced an ‘issues’ paper examining the range of potential influences on the objectivity of broker research – one of the key points raised in the UK Myners report on institutional investment.

The paper also offers recommendations as to what market participants can do to help foster a more objective research environment.

Called “Preserving the Integrity of Research,” the paper is downloadable from the AIMR website at, and includes a request for public comment on key concerns identified in the paper.

Air’s president and CEO, Thomas Bowman, comments: “AIMR is in a unique position to evaluate the questions that have been raised about research objectivity and propose solutions that will set a higher standard for all concerned: Our 50,000 members work across the globe and in all aspects of the investment industry. About 10% of our members are sell-side research analysts; most of the rest are consumers of sell side research for their clients, whether institutional or individual investors.”