BELGIUM – Antwerp-based firm Akkermans Stroobants & Partners are looking to appoint a new independent board director following the death of Eric Andre, who passed away at the end of July.

Andre, 52, was an independent director at the consulting firm since its establishment a year ago.

Andre passed away after suffering a serious illness diagnosed six months ago, according to co-founder Karel Stroobants.

Stroobants said the firm is currently looking to replace Andre, who worked alongside fellow independent director and former Belgian pensions minister, Freddy Willockx.

“We will be looking in the French-speaking entrepreneurial community, and hope to make the appointment by the end of the year,” Stroobants told IPE.

While the firm currently has two independent directors, Stroobants said a third appointment may be on the cards.

“We want to have a team that covers all areas, and one that finds that equilibrium,” he said.

The Akkermans Stroobants & Partners venture was established last year by Dutch group Akkermans and Karel Stroobants, who formerly headed the VKG/CPM fund in Brussels and set up its Amonis insurance operation.

IPE reported at the time that Stroobants believed it was a new concept, which took a “holistic view” of a pension fund, and would offer “full service pension concepts” to the Belgian market.

In May last year Carl Haeck was appointed managing director of Akkermans. He joined the firm from VKG/CPM Amonis - the pension fund for doctors, dentists and chemists in Belgium - where he was finance director.