Alexandra Boakes Tracy

  • IP Asia

    Risk of a carbon bubble

    IP Asia September 2013

    According to Carbon Tracker, markets are mispricing risk by valuing companies as if all their reserves will be fully exploited

  • IP Asia

    Frontier markets – Can the returns outweigh the risks?

    IP Asia May 2013

    by Alexandra Boakes Tracy - Investors who place a priority on understanding the ESG issues inherent in doing business in newly industrialising countries are likely to be better protected against social and environmental failures.

  • IP Asia

    Accelerating the evolution of climate finance

    IP Asia March 2013

    In March, the board members of the UN Green Climate Fund gathered in Berlin for the third meeting since their appointment, tasked with planning for the mobilisation by 2020 of $100bn per year in long-term financing for climate action in developing countries.

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    Natural Capital – Internalising the externalities

    IP Asia January 2013

    by Alexandra Boakes Tracy

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    Proper rewards for loyalty

    IP Asia November 2012

    The key driver of investment decision making should not be immediate investment returns, but long term viability and profitability.

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    Time to renew focus on environmental cost in China

    IP Asia September 2012

    Pension fund managers from across the globe are seeking access to China, the world’s second largest economy, to profit from the country’s continued economic growth. Western markets remain volatile and unsettled, while China’s prospects appear increasingly attractive to investors seeking to diversify away from reliance on developed markets, but instead ...

  • IP Asia

    The growing problem of resource constraints

    IP Asia May 2012

    While it is clear that food, water and energy security are crucial to continued development and economic growth, it is easy to underestimate how significantly the availability of any of these key resources affects the availability and cost of the others

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    Shocks, Black Swans and Climate Change

    IP Asia March 2012

    Among the top ten global risks identified by the experts were fiscal crises, wars and global corruption. However, ranked the very highest when likelihood and impact were combined was climate change.

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    Is Asian corporate governance fatally flawed?

    IP Asia January 2012

    Tepco, Japan’s largest utility, which is receiving a bailout after poor board oversight and risk management contributed to the Fukushima nuclear disaster, has been filing falsified reports to nuclear safety regulators since the 1980s

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    Climate Change: Collaborative Effort Needed

    IP Asia September 2011

    Multiple stresses in Asia will be compounded further due to climate change. It is likely that climate change will impinge on sustainable development of most developing countries of Asia.

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    The new goldrush - how to assess agriculture?

    IP Asia May 2011

    Burgeoning demand in emerging markets is accompanied by considerable supply constraints, with good quality arable land shrinking, fresh water becoming a scarcer resource and climate change events creating risks to the production of field crops.

  • IP Asia

    Engagement – who has the real power ?

    IP Asia March 2011

    It may not be too cynical to suspect that the ability of investors and NGOs to influence those companies which are end–users of rare earths to put pressure on their suppliers – when it is those suppliers that have the bargaining power due to the scarcity of the materials – may be limited.

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    Flexibility needed to track the best companies

    IP Asia January 2011

    For many investors, rather than limiting the investable universe, it may be more appropriate to include ESG factors into the investment process.

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    Good governance - it all starts at the top

    IP Asia November 2010

    It is essential that Asian pension and reserve funds, which are the dominant asset owners in the region, should view governance on two levels.

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    Sustainability versus stimulus – which way for China’s banks ?

    IP Asia June 2010

    In the wake of the Asian financial crisis in 1998, a discussion of sustainability in the context of Chinese banks would most likely have referred to a given institution’s likelihood of survival.

  • IP Asia

    Advancing the sustainability agenda

    IP Asia April 2010

    In Asia, there are many challenges involved in the effort to establish sustainability standards as business and investment norms.

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    New indices help investors adopt passive ESG policy

    IP Asia January 2010

    As SRI indices proliferate, there is an increasing need for comparative data on the indices themselves.

  • IP Asia

    Are we blind to risk in the financial sector?

    IP Asia October 2009

    A key challenge in analysing financial institutions is their complexity, and, in hindsight, it has become clear that many bankers and internal auditors did not always understand the risks of their own products or their financial exposures.