Antoine Lesne

Head of SPDR EMEA strategy & research, State Street Global Advisors

  • etf aum vs total market aum
    Special Report

    Focus on Fixed Income: Do fixed income ETFs distort the market?

    ETFs Guide 2019

    In this article, which is an excerpt from a recent State Street Global Advisors publication, we address one of the key misconceptions about fixed income (bond) ETFs – namely, that they have become so large that they are distorting the underlying bond market. Instead, we argue, despite their recent growth, fixed income ETFs represent a relatively small proportion of the world’s debt markets.

  • historical evolution of the number of bonds and median average bond size in the bloomberg barclays global aggregate index market value
    Special Report

    Fixed income: Consistent growth in a changing landscape

    October 2018 (magazine)

    Fixed income, an asset class that historically traded over the counter, is increasingly being traded on exchange through exchange-traded funds (ETFs)