NETHERLANDS - Changes to Dutch corporate pension funds' investment strategies has meant that key performance data may not be published in full by their umbrella association, IPE understands.

The OPF, the Stichting voor Ondernemingspensioenfondsen, says it is not releasing annual and five-year figures for the schemes, although it plans to publish selected data later in the year.

It  has become more difficult to compare the funds' figures because of changes to asset mixes as well as the increasing use of hedging strategies and the re-insurance of interest-rate risk.

There could be a wider implication if the VB, the industry-wide pension fund umbrella group, experiences similar difficulties.

The VB has a legal obligation to provide z-scores, the instrument for measuring the performance of the mandatory industry-wide funds. The VB has in the past complained that the Z-scores system doesn't function properly.

The OPF is looking whether it can provide alternative figures, for example a range of numbers covering coverage ratio, annual results and asset mix. Such numbers would be more "economically relevant".

It is also plans to have discussions with VB about the feasibility of bringing their figures into line with the OPF's.