Denmark’s ATP and PFA have jointly invested DKK1bn (€134m) in a new private equity fund targeting Nordic technology firms.

The two pension providers, Denmark’s largest, have committed the money to a fund managed by Via Venture Partners.

Henrik Nøhr Poulsen, CIO of PFA’s asset manager, said PFA had previously enjoyed positive results from joint ventures with ATP.

“We have conducted the usually thorough, compulsory due-diligence investigations, and Via Venture Partners has – especially with its last fund – demonstrated extraordinary performance,” he said.

“The foundation, therefore, is in place for us to invest.”

Managing partner of ATP Private Equity Partners, Torben Vangstrup, said he hoped Via Ventures would continue to generate returns for both pension investors, while driving growth in companies in which it buys stakes.

ATP contributed DKK2bn to the first two funds launched, which generated a profit of SKK556m.

The previous two funds have invested in a range of businesses, targeting commitments of €10m-100m in Nordic companies since the first fund’s launch in 2006.

Previous investments on behalf of ATP include a DKK500m stake in NEAS Energy, an energy trading and asset management company, which saw the statutory pension fund acquire a 30% stake in the company.