DENMARK – ATP, the 27 billion-euro statutory pension provision fund, has selected IBM to implement a new administration system, according to the computer firm.

The scheme said the project would be a “catalyst for change”.

IBM Business Consulting Services said in a statement that it has been awarded a contract by ATP “to deliver and implement a new core insurance and administration system”. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“The project will transform ATP’s operational structure, enhancing its operational efficiency and its ability to respond to changing business requirements,” IBM said.

IBM will work with an insurance application specialist called Edlund to create a “single common, centralised set of system and process” at the scheme.

“The new structure will support ATP’s aim in an increasingly deregulated and competitive market by rationalising the business.”

"This project will act as an important catalyst for change within ATP as we transform the business to support our new vision,” said ATP vice director Peder Andreasen.

John Senior, European insurance leader at IBM, said his firm was “working with ATP to improve the efficiency of the entire organisation by increasing the simplicity and flexibility of the organisation at an enterprise level”.

Earlier this month IPE reported that there is a wider debate-taking place in the Danish media about the outlook for the scheme.