AXA Investment Managers (AXA IM) has been confirmed as compliant with GIPS - the Global Investment Performance Standards, as well as attaining the Association for Investment Management and Research’s (AIMR) PPS grade (Performance Presentation Standards).

Commenting on the accreditation, Chris Cheetham, global chief investment officer at AXA, says: “These standards are good news for investors as they offer better transparency and a level playing field. AXA IM is among the first, if not the first, multinational firm to achieve GIPS compliance as a single entity.”

GIPS and the AIMR-PPS standards aim to ensure that investment managers of third party accounts present the performance of all discretionary-managed funds according to principles of transparency and rigour.
The acceptance of the standards by consultants and institutional investors has contributed to their widespread development.

Additionally, 24 composites representing the core expertise developed globally by AXA IM have achieved compliance under AIMR-PPS level 2 standards.
AXA IM says the composites are defined so that funds having the same investment strategy and following the same investment process are grouped together.
This, AXA adds, provides a valuable insight into the consistency of the practical implementation of the firm’s investment processes.