UK – AXA Investment Managers’ head of corporate bonds, Simon Bond, will be leaving to join Threadneedle Asset Management.

AXA Investment Management confirmed that Bond had resigned, and issued the following statement: “While we are recruiting a replacement team member, we are appointing Neil Sutherland as manager of the AXA Institutional Long AA Corporate Bond Fund. Neil and Simon have worked closely together for the last year and Neil has been an active part of our team approach to investment decision-making. As part of our investment process, Neil will continue to leverage our extensive research resources, namely a 16-strong team of dedicated credit analysts, a 10-man investment strategy team and a 6-strong dedicated risk management team, to achieve the Fund's objectives.”

AXA added that there will be no change to client service.

Threadneedle Asset Management declined to comment on the news that Bond had been appointed.