AXA Switzerland is looking to launch a $200m global leveraged loan mandate for Swiss pension foundations with a focus on senior loans.

The preferred profile, according to IPE Quest’s search QN-2790, includes high and consistent outperformance versus S&P Global Leveraged Loan Index (SPLGAL Index) and a low total expense ratio.

Participating managers should be able to show a minimum track record of five years, with a minimum $500m of assets under management (AUM) for the asset class ($1bn for total AUM).

The deadline for this mandate has been set for 16 September 5pm UK time.

Corporate scheme seeks manager for Japanese large-cap equity

Separately, a corporate pension fund based in Germany is seeking to appoint an asset manager for a €80m passive Japanese large cap core equity mandate.

According to search QN-2789, the pension fund is requesting that there is a 100% index replication of the Tokyo Stock Exchange Tokyo Price Index (TOPIX) and that only a segregated account is used – no ETF or public funds.

Participating asset managers must have experience with German KVG and Depotbank and should be able to show a minimum track record of three years.

They should also have a minimum AUM of €1bn for the asset class.

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