FRANCE/UK – Paris based market forecasting specialist company, BBSP, has announced its intention to move into the UK’s fund management market.

BBSP forecasts the movement of fixed income, indices futures, individual stocks and currency markets, based on technical analysis, to traders, market makers and portfolio managers at banks, insurance companies, hedge funds, pension funds and mutual funds. The service is updated throughout the day, offering users market movement guidance over periods ranging from one hour to three months. Other services include bespoke telephone commentary on a daily and weekly basis.

BBSP already has an extensive client-base in the UK, which includes major investment banks, such as Merrill Lynch and Barclays, and the move into the UK’s fund industry is seen as “a natural step” for its bespoke service.

Says Michael Pfluger at BBSP: “Moving into the fund industry seems the logical thing to do, though we won’t be opening an office in London, and we are particularly keen to get into the hedge fund market.”

Pfluger says that the company aims to expand next by opening an office somewhere in Asia, but opening an office in London isn’t necessary because of its proximity to Paris.