NETHERLANDS- The administration arm of Dutch financial services company SFB Groep has named Frans Beerling as its new director following the death of Joop van Wees earlier this year.

SFB Pensioenen & CAO-regelingen has promoted Beerling from his position as SFB Groep’s head of human resource management.

Peter van der Bel has joined the group as a replacement for Mr Beerling. An independent marketing and human resource consultant, Mr van der Bel has worked for SFP in the past.

SFB started life fifty years ago as a pension fund for the construction industry but has since branched out into third party asset management and other services including fund administration.

It now manages more than 18 billion Euros for a variety of Dutch funds and, on the administration front, counts the 15 billion Euro builders’ fund BPF as one of its main clients.

A spokeswoman at the fund says the appointment coincides with a push by the fund to increase the proportion of its third party business.