NETHERLANDS – Jos Berkemeijer, Mercer Human Resource Consulting Netherlands’ commercial director, has been appointed chairman to replace Frank Verschuren.

IPE reported in November that Verschuren, 50, would leave the firm after 25 years and start his own business. He’d chaired the board since 2001.

“Verschuren and Mercer will keep good contacts,” a spokesman said today.

Berkemeijer, 51, joined Mercer in 2004. He was responsible for healthcare, secondment, product development, and marketing and sales.

In 2005 he was appointed commercial director of the management team in the Netherlands.

Before joining Mercer, Berkemeijer was chairman of the occupational health services and insurance business unit of the pension commission management firm, Achmea.

His new responsibilities on the seven-strong board include responsibility for sales and marketing.

The spokesperson stated that Berkemeijer would continue in his role as commercial director.