UK - Barclays Global Investors (BGI) has today revealed it has signed Deborah Fuhr as its global head of a newly-created exchange traded funds (ETF) research and implementation strategy.

Fuhr, who is now a managing director for BGI, left Morgan Stanley in June after the company disbanded the renowned ETF research team she headed, as a part of its move to cut jobs. (See earlier IPE story: Morgan Stanley axes award-winning ETF team)

After her departure, Fuhr said she planned to work independently, calling Morgan Stanley's decision "disappointing".

However, BGI said in a statement today: "Under Fuhr's guidance, BGI's newly-created ETF research and implementation strategy team will be responsible for producing industry-leading analysis on the global ETF industry."

BGI has around $2trn (€1.4trn) in assets under management (AuM), but its exchange traded funds range is just one element of this, marketed under iShares (managing $58.8bn in European AuM)

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