Investment management software provider, BITA Plus, has introduced a new portfolio analysis system to assist asset managers in risk control and back testing.
The software, BITA5, based on Java computer language, allows testing for country and industry effects, and uses information provided by data analyst FAME.

“ In partnership with FAME Information Services BITA Plus provides advanced portfolio analytics for ten leading US fund management institutions,” says Laurence Wormald, director of BITA Plus.
“ BITA5 offers a next generation Java-based architecture, which can be integrated into enterprise and internet systems,” he adds.

According to the company, the BITA Strategy Simulator handles complex transaction costs and provides higher performance for large-scale portfolio construction problems, as well as hedge fund optimisation.

“ It’s a win-win situation for our customers throughout the industry at firms large and small, no matter what side of the market they’re on,” says Scott Hall, general manager of North American sales and support for FAME’s financial division.