NETHERLANDS - Blue Sky Group, the manager of the KLM pension fund assets, has chosen a new manager database vendor for equities, fixed income and real estate.

The company said it has also drafted a short list for databases covering alternative assets, looking primarily ad hedge funds, though none has been selected yet.

Blue Sky declined to name both the former and the new vendor, but said it decided to stop the previous subscription already some time ago due to "poor quality".

"In our experience too many databases have a nice look and feel, but when having a thorough look at the content and subscription models, not many are left," a spokeswoman said.

The new database will help Blue Sky with its passive-enhanced-active decision, generate names of performance persistent managers, and to monitor those managers compared to their peer group, the spokeswoman said.

She added: "We use and will use new performance attribution analysis measure to strip alphas from risk premiums and ‘enhanced' like public strategies."

The company is unlikely to stop using consultants. "But we will request managers to supply their historic information to this database."