GLOBAL- Neuer Markt-quoted Brainpower, provider of investment analysis software, has announced a global agreement with fund information company Lipper to offer its
mutual fund data for the UK, European, US and Asian markets integrated with Brainpower's various analytical tools.

Brainpower has the right to sell and distribute Lipper content fully integrated with its software applications on a non-exclusive basis, allowing the data to be exploited through the use of its so-called TopFunds application and NetXceed Platform.

Udo Verling, market data service manager (EMEA), UBS Global Asset Management, says: "Brainpower's analytics, combined with the data supplied by Lipper, provide an extremely flexible and user friendly solution demanded by the marketplace."

Combined Brainpower and Lipper applications are available immediately for UK, European and Asian funds. The interface for the US funds data is currently under development and is expected to be ready at the end of the month.

TopFunds is a software tool designed for professional investors, which includes a range of analytical functions and over 200 performance factors, enabling them to select and analyse mutual funds and build and compare portfolios of funds.