BELGIUM- The director of the Belgian Association of Pension Funds in Brussels, Leon Brasseur has decided to leave the association and to develop his career directly within the pensions industry. Brasseur, who has been with the association for three years, has seen its activities grow across a number of fronts.

He leaves at the association at the end of this month and aims to bring his experience to bear either within the second pillar in Belgium working for a pension fund, or for an insurance group active in the pensions market.

“My aim is to stay in the pension provision sector,” says Brasseur, who had been a director at the Caisse de Prevoyance des Pharmaciens from 1982 until he moved to the association in 1999.

As from the new academic year in September, he will be acting a visiting professor at the economics department in the Catholic University of Leuven, where he will be giving a number of pension related courses to finance and insurance postgraduates.

His successor as director at the association has not yet been announced.