UK – Buck Consultants has changed its named to Mellon, Human Resources & Investor Solutions.

Actuarial and employee benefits adviser Buck Consultants has now been renamed, marking its integration into the Mellon-owned businesses in Europe. Mellon recently announced plans to unite its global subsidiaries under the single parent brand as part of the company’s future growth strategy.

Buck Consultants, NSP Buck, Mellon HR Solutions, Mellon Investor Services, and Vinings Mellon have now all become Mellon, Human Resources & Investor Solutions.

Eddie O’Hara, chief executive of Mellon, Human Resources & Investor Solutions division in the UK said that the HR services sector is a key growth area for Mellon. He highlighted the current need for employers to address pension liability issues, healthcare costs and outsourcing of HR processes.

“These new developments will provide the platform from which to grow our HR-related businesses in Europe substantially in the coming months,” he said.

Buck Consultants employs more than 280 people in five offices in the UK.