UK – Patrick Wynne-Jones, marketing manager at specialist pensions administrator Capita Hartshead, is due to retire.

“He’s let it be known to us that he’ll be retiring,” a spokesperson for Capita told IPE.

Wynne-Jones was marketing manager at Capita’s pension management service, CH3, which is designed for small to medium-sized pension schemes.

Wynne-Jones worked for the FPS group of companies before it was bought by Capita in September 2005, said the group. According to the spokesperson, he agreed to stay on at Capita during the transition period following the acquisition.

According to Wynne-Jones, who will soon turn 67, it is well time for him to retire. He added that he has thoroughly enjoyed working in the pensions industry. A leaving event is planned for the end of the month.

At the start June, the Pension Protection Fund announced the appointment of Capita Hartshead as its compensation administrator following a rigorous procurement exercise.

The move was labelled ‘a significant milestone’ in the PPF’s development and support’s the organisation’s principle of using market solutions wherever appropriate.

The move will help the PPF pay the right compensation to the right people at the right time. Capita is also due to provide associated customer support and administration services.

Elsewhere, Close Brothers says its Darren Redmayne has been seconded to The Pensions Regulator. He will advise the Regulator on how it policies and decisions will influence corporate behaviour.