UK - Rotterdam-based derivatives specialist Cardano Risk Management will open its first office in the UK during the summer.

The company has named Hewitt consultant Kerrin Rosenberg as chief executive for its London-based UK operations, which will employ up to 20 people

No date for Rosenberg's move has yet been fixed, as he will first finish his projects at Hewitt.

Cardano said that it was looking at people from the areas of "investment consulting, investment banking and leading pension funds in the UK".

"Our UK venture will combine the experience, technological expertise and financial strength of Cardano in the Netherlands with Kerrin's vast knowledge of UK pension schemes and reputation as a thought leader in investment consulting," said Cardano founder and chief executive Theo Kocken.

Cardano said it wanted to become "the leading provider of investment consulting, asset liability management (ALM) and overlay management services across Europe".

Hewitt, where Rosenberg has worked for the last 15 years, said it is also actively recruiting at the moment and new hires may be announced in the coming weeks.

Earlier this week - as first reported by IPE - Sally Bridgeland announced that she will be leaving Hewitt after 20 years to become the new chief executive of BP Pensions Trustees Ltd.