UK - Cardano Risk Management is continuing its UK recruitment drive with the appointment of a new chief financial officer and yet another Hewitt consultant.

The Rotterdam-headquartered organisation, which is expanding its business into the UK, has appointed Simone Lavelle as chief financial and chief operating officer, while Hewitt's Andrew Macpherson is joining the client consulting team as senior consultant.

Lavelle joins from Rabobank International where she was executive director and head of risk control for the bank's London office.

"We are delighted with the progress we have made so far with the recruitment for the team based in London," said Cardano's chief executive Theo Kocken.

He added the additional appointments contribute to the UK operational push for launch in early July - a month earlier than previously planned.

Earlier this year, Cardano UK hired Richard Dowell and Phil Page, both former senior consultants at Hewitt Associates.

Cardano at the time said Dowell will support Kerrin Rosenberg, UK chief executive officer, in a managerial role as well as advising clients. Rosenberg also joined Cardano from Hewitt.

The company still wants to recruit more people at all for the UK office, to expend its current team of six to around 20 by the end of this year, a spokeswoman told IPE today.