EUROPE – Viable public pensions systems and portable pensions are priorities for European insurers, says the new head of the European insurance industry body the CEA.

“The viability of public pension systems in the face of an ageing population and high unemployment rates are also a priority for insurers,” said Gérard de La Martinière, new president of the Comité Européen des Assurances.

“We will pursue debates on how the industry can contribute to better and more secure pensions,” he said in the organisation’s newsletter.

“Finally we will work towards the removal of social and fiscal obstacles to the portability of occupational pensions (2nd pillar) products.”

De La Martinière, who became CEA president on June 18, added that there were two main strategic challenged for European insurers. The first was the changing regulatory landscape, the second was insurance regulation itself.

He also identified accounting standards and solvency requirements as occupying insurers “in the months and years ahead”.

In April the Brussels-based group, which represents Europe’s national insurance associations, called for a “prudent” approach to pensions portability at the European level.