Christopher Walker

Christopher Walker writes on business and politics. He has many years of experience in the investment and pensions field

  • The Signs Were There
    Book Review

    Book review: The Signs Were There - Spilling the saucerful of secrets

    March 2020 (Magazine)

    Tim Steer’s romp through the world of dodgy accounting practices and share price debacles is beyond shocking. He brings together his forensic examinations of publicly quoted companies’ accounts, and demonstrates clearly that “the signs were (indeed) there” in a way that induces reader incredulity. 

  • book review only the best will do
    Book Review

    Book review: Only the Best Will Do

    December 2019 (Magazine)

    Peter Seilern, the founder of Seilern Investment Management, has a reputation for investing in ‘quality growth companies.’ In reading his credo ‘Only the Best Will Do,’ you realise this career-long passion reaches almost religious dedication. Never mention ‘value investing’ in his presence.

  • book review
    Book Review

    Book review: The Rise of the Working-Class Shareholder

    June 2019 (Magazine)

    David Webber is well placed to rehearse the legal and political arguments around public pension funds’ power to change companies