GERMANY - Assets under custody at Deutsche Börse Group's settlement and custody services provider Clearstream have risen 8% to €9.1trn, from €8.4trn in July 2005.

Securities held under custody in Clearstream's international business went up 8% to €4.1trn from €3.8trn last year. On the domestic German business, securities held under custody reached €5trn (€4.6trn).

Customers of the company include authorised banks, supranationals, government entities, brokers and financial institutions.
Over the last year Clearstream processed slightly fewer transactions than the year before. Of the 1.6m transactions (July 2005: 1.65m) 79% were over-the-counter deals and 21% were registered as stock exchange transactions.

Domestic settlement transactions in Germany fell to 2.59m compared to 2.78m in July 2005. In Germany the majority of transactions were on the stock exchange (65%) and 35% were OTC.
A record high of €255.3bn was reached for the Global Securities Financing services monthly average outstandings.
They were up 37% from €186.6bn in July last year.