Using the same investment managers for managing pension assets in different countries is still not common practice among multinationals, according to the preliminary results of a survey being conducted by Bacon & Woodrow in collaboration with IPE.
Less than half the corporations that so far have participated in the survey use common managers in more than one country and only for a rather small proportion of their worldwide pension assets. Few of those who still haven’t considered this option are planning to use common managers in the near future.
The survey, which will be running until January 10, aims to provide more information on the way corporations and their pension institutions act when it comes to hire investment managers.
Some of the preliminary results indicate that having a mandatory list of common managers is small rather seldom among multinationals.
Corporations using common managers in several countries point the reduction in management fees and the access to quality managers as the main advantages of using this approach.
A summary of the final results of the survey will be published in the February edition of IPE. For those wishing to participate, questionnaires can be accessed on the web at or until January 10.