SWITZERLAND - The consultant Complementa has teamed up with ZHW, a banking and finance institute at a Winterthur college, to launch a new website aimed at improving transparency of hedge funds for Swiss investors.

According to the site's founders, the live website www.hedgegate.com, features a data base for funds-of-hedge funds - including those offshore - that Swiss institutions invest in.

Complementa provided the technology behind hedgegate.com, while ZHW provided the database. The data on the hedge funds include fact sheets, past performance and that related to risk.

"ZHW is bent on improving the comparability of funds-of-hedge funds. As a result, users can find the results of our research with respect to style analysis and sharpe omega (a hedge fund performance measure)," the think-tank said.

Hedgegate.com's founders also said their website was supported by members of the "Transparency Council Funds of Hedge Funds (TCF)".

TCF's members include the alternative asset adviser 3A SA; Swiss banks Julius Bär, Reichmuth & Co and Bank Leu; as well as AIG Private Bank, GL Funds, Harcourt and RMF Investment Management.