NETHERLANDS - Jan Kloet, corporate development director at Dutch construction industry pensions provider, Cordares, has left the company to set up his own consultancy firm.

The new Almere-based firm, Chessfield, will do all-round consultancy for pension funds, but Kloet says he will focus on asset and liability matching.

Kloet, who will be replaced by Meindert Weerman from March 1, was previously head of ASW, manager of the industrywide fund for Dutch building societies, and became a Cordares director when the two firms merged a year ago.

Weerman currently works as commercial director at Dutch financial service provider, Achmea.

Elsewhere, Citigroup's Geert-Jan Troost has been appointed as business development manager of the Rotterdam-based Cardano Risk Management.

Cardano provides derivatives overlay research and implementation for pension funds and life insurers in Europe.