CROATIA - Croatia’s four pension fund companies collectively lost 0.9% on investments in the first quarter, but data reveals they are back in positive territory now.

The funds’ assets returned 1.4% in April alone, bringing the total performance for this year so far to 0.5%, according to Hanfa, the Croatian supervisor.

Funds reported a negative return of -12.5% last year. (See earlier IPE story: IMF warns Croatia against changing second pillar)

Assets in the mandatory pension funds are now up to HRK23.6bn (€3.19bn) from HRK22.9bn at the end of 2008.

Almost 94% of all assets are invested domestically, of which 69% is in government bonds and 10% is in equities.

The asset allocation was at a similar level a year ago, as 95% of assets were invested domestically, of which 64% was in government bonds and 15% was in equities.

Regulations for the mandatory second pillar, created in 2002, stipulate up to 15% in assets can be invested overseas.