DENMARK – Consultant Kirstein Finans is tendering two mandates for a Danish client via IPE-Quest.

The mandates are being tendered on behalf of a Danish asset manager.

The first mandate is a minimum 30 million-dollar (25.5 million-euro) global high yield brief, although European high yield should be a relevant part of the portfolio. There is no preferred benchmark, but bonds in credit rating category D should not be part of the portfolio, and the percentage of bonds in credit rating C should not be overweighted.

The second mandate is a minimum 30 million-dollar (25.5 million-euro) Asian equity ex-Japan brief. Here the preferred benchmark is MSCI AC Asia Free ex-Japan, although other benchmarks can be accepted.

In both cases, the mandates could potentially be much larger. Companies must be based outside Denmark.

The closing date for applications is 26 November 2003.

Further details of the tender and information on how to apply can be found on