DENMARK – Cabinet minister and top conservative party official Brian Mikkelsen has called for a “more flexible” pension model, which would push up the pension age by five years.

In an interview with the ‘Information’ daily, Mikkelsen - who is number two in Danish Conservative Party and minister of culture - called for Danes to work up to the age of 68 or 70, depending on the nature on their profession. ‘Information’ traditionally supports the Social Democrats.

A spokesman for the culture ministry told IPE that Mikkelsen was suggesting a more flexible pension model on behalf of his party, which governs with the Liberals.

Longer careers should be feasible today, the spokesman added, as workers are less and less likely to do physically demanding jobs.

The spokesman also said the minister had encouraged Danish workers to save for an integrative pension but was not aiming at the abolition of state pensions.

Mikkelsen’s remarks have been overshadowed by a cabinet reshuffle announced by prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

Mikkelsen, who was not involved in the reshuffle, has not yet received any feedback on his pension model from fellow cabinet members.