UK - Gaps in the waste treatment infrastructure in the UK have been highlighted by a report by Eunomia Research & Consulting.

Eunomia has modelled the quantity of residual, mixed waste generated against existing and forthcoming treatment infrastructure to determine where capacity gaps exist across Great Britain.

The research shows that, in some regions, there may be an over-supply of treatment infrastructure by 2015.

But in other regions, significant opportunities for investment will remain for many years to come.

This information aims to enable investors, project developers, local waste authorities, technology providers, waste management companies, utility companies and other stakeholders to determine quickly whether a particular project is likely to be able to secure sufficient waste input.

Eunomia will provide further detail on the regions where this under or over-capacity is likely to occur at the launch of the report at a free conference on waste and recycling at the London Stock Exchange on 28 October.
Eunomia's databases hold information on every residual treatment facility in the country, including data on facility capacity, electrical output, current feedstocks and municipal contracts held.