US/EUROPE – Dow Jones Indexes will extend the real time calculation of the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) to 13 hours a day on September 14, in order that it begins at the start of the European trading day.

The 3am real-time start will be based on Deutsche Boerse’s new U.S. market segment, which will be launched that same day on its electronic trading platform, Xetra.
It means that six and a half hours before the traditional 9.30am kick off in New York, investors will be given an indication of the DJIA's level based on actual trades of the 30 biggest US stocks on the electronic trading platform of the German exchange.

Additionally, Dow Jones will use Xetra to price the U.S. and Asian components of its Global Titans 50 index from the beginning of the European trading day until the U.S. market opens at 9.30 am EST.

While real-time updating of the DJIA will begin at 3am EDT, the official industrial average calculation will take over as usual at 9.30am EDT when component pricing will shift to the NYSE and NASDAQ markets.

The official open, close and high/low values of the DJIA will be unchanged and based solely on New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq prices.
To distinguish between the indicative and official versions, the ticker symbol for the indicative DJIA in US dollars will be “DJII” and for the indicative version in euro the ticker symbol will be “DJIE”.

Index values in US dollars are currently disseminated under the symbol “DJI” from 9.30 am EST until 4 pm EST. A euro version of the Dow Jones Industrial Average is also being introduced because Xetra trading of the component stocks will be executed in euro.

Dow Jones says the extended index calculation will help investors worldwide by providing more timely index values, improved liquidity of the stocks underlying the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the Dow Jones Global Titans 50, and improved price discovery in both cash and derivatives markets. Investable products based on the indexes are traded around the clock.

David Moran, president of Dow Jones Indexes comments: “With its global market concept, Deutsche Boerse provides the basis for the Dow Jones Industrial Average to be the first country index to be calculated with price sources outside of its home time zone. We are confident that Deutsche Boerse, together with the market makers for this segment, will ensure the necessary liquidity in the underlying components that will result in a reliable indicative calculation of the Dow Jones Industrial Average and improved price discovery for the Dow Jones Global Titans 50 index prior to the U.S. market opening.”

Dow Joneswill also use Xetra prices for its global blue-chip index, the Dow Jones Global Titans 50. The index, which is already calculated 24 hours a day, will use Deutsche Boerse’s Xetra prices for its U.S. and Asian components from the beginning of trading in Europe until the open of trading in the US, at which point the calculation will switch to US American depositary receipt prices. Home market prices resume when trading begins in the component stocks’ respective home markets the next business day.

The ticker symbol for the Dow Jones Global Titans 50 index in US dollars is “DJGT”. The ticker symbol for the euro version is “DJGTE”.

Intra day index values will be available on the Dow Jones Indexes web site at