The Dutch government has started a consultation process on removing legal obstacles for people who prefer to keep on working after the present retirement age of 65.
The cabinet will ask for the opinion of organisations like the Labour Foundation, the Social and Economic Council, the Centre for Labour relations and organisations of the elderly on issues such as age-dependent remuneration, and acceptance of a lower function to keep on working.
The government also would like their view on stimuli - eg, part-time pension from 65 - to encourage people to work longer.
“The reasons for the request for advice are the rising life expectancy and the desire of a growing number of elderly for staying active within society,” the cabinet says. “Some of the elderly want to keep on working for financial reasons.”
A legal widening for working beyond 65, shouldn’t be at the expense of people who do not want to use this opportunity, the cabinet stressed.
At present many Collective Labour Agreements between employers and employees prohibit working after 65.