NETHERLANDS - Bernard de Haan has been appointed as head of finance and control at the €12bn Doctors Pension Fund Services.

De Haan, 45, has previously been working as a temporary manager at financial projects for several organisations, via  employment agency PartnersInPerspective, DPFS said. Amongst them was the industry-wide pension fund for Professional Road Transport.

Earlier, de Haan has been employed by Interpay Netherlands and the Bankgiro-centrale in finance and control function.

Last month it emerged that DPFS had hired ABP's Meng-lei Wu as treasurer.

At DPFS, de Haan will be responsible for the financial administration, back office investments, performance and risk control. He will directly report to the board of directors.

With De Haan's appointment - as of December 1 - the staff of Doctors Pension Fund Services is complete, it indicated.

"During the past year, 20 new staff have been hired, due to changes in the organisation, caused by e.g. the choice for asset management via external mandates. This created the need for new jobs," DPFS explained.

The new organisation enables DPFS to anticipate to the requirements of its present clients, the pension fund for general practitioners SPH, and the pension fund for medical consultants SPMS, it added.

DPFS carries out the pension schemes for both SPH and SPMS, which have 14,000 active participants and almost 10,000 pensioners in total.