NETHERLANDS - A Dutch pension fund is searching an active Euro high yield manager for an $80m (€52m) pan-Europe debt mandate, using IPE-Quest.

The quest, QN944, states the industry-wide pension fund would prefer a mandate rather than a fund. "A thorough investment process is a must for this manager," the fund added.

In another quest, QN945, a Dutch industry-wide fund says it is looking for an active manager who will manage a $200m Eurozone debt - indexed (inflation) issues mandate.

A variety of derivatives can be used to outperform the index, namely the Barclays Euro Government Inflation Linked Bond Index.

The preferred benchmark for the QN944 search is the Merrill Lynch European currency High Yield benchmark.

Tracking error guidelines lie between 1.0% and 6.0%, while the minimum assets under management stated for the mandate are $250m.

Closing date of the first search is July 18, and July 11 for the inflation-linked Eurozone debt mandate.