NETHERLANDS – A Dutch pension fund is looking for managers for two fixed income mandates via IPE-Quest.

A consultant in the Netherlands is tendering two mandates on the behalf of the fund.

The first mandate is for a 100-125 million-euro global investment grade bond portfolio. The actively managed brief should preferably be invested in a pooled vehicle, although a segregated account may also be considered. The preferred benchmark is the Lehman Brothers Credit Index. Ex-ante tracking error will be around 2.5%.

Also tendered is a government debt mandate worth between 175-200 million euros, investing in EMU government bonds. The brief will be managed on a passive basis, with the preferred benchmark being Citigroup’s EMU government bond index.

In both instances, proven commitment towards product type and client servicing in the Netherlands is necessary.

Closing date for both tenders is November 21.

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