Dutch government launches pensions awareness

NETHERLANDS – The Dutch junior minister for social affairs, Mark Rutte, has launched a cross-industry initiative to promote pensions awareness amongst Dutch citizens.

The initiative, entitled Pensions Kijker, or ‘pensions view’, was first floated by pensioner lobby organisations in the Netherlands but has since gained the backing of the VB Dutch industry-wide pensions association, the Dutch
insurance association, Dutch pension funds ABP and PGGM and consumer organisations in Holland.

The Pensions Kijker will be advertised in the press and aims to inform citizens about their pension provision as well as provide a pensions calculator where savers can get a rough estimate as to how much pension they will retire on.

Peter Bordorff, director at the VB says the organisation is also launching its own parallel campaign to raise awareness of pension provision in defined benefit schemes at the same time.

He said: "People don't talk about pensions enough and they only see the problems when it is too late and that's why
both these initiatives have been started."

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