NETHERLANDS - A group of around 30,000 women divorced before 1981 who could not contribute to a pension are in line for a total payment of around €60m from the Dutch government.

Dutch Christian Democrat (CDA) MP Aart Mosterd estimated this figure during the concluding debate in parliament about the new pension law at the end of last week.

During the debate, a majority in the parliament voted for the single payment, as a vast number of women cannot benefit from regulations that were introduced in the 1980s.

Up until the period in which the law that gives divorcees a right to half of the ex-partner's pension as soon as he retires was introduced, Mosterd wants to compensate the women who divorced before 1981, as they fall outside of this directive.

Also, many women did not have the chance to build up a pension, because they largely stayed at home to take care of the household and of children, he argues.

Aart Jan de Geus, the Dutch minister of social affairs, already agreed earlier this year resolve this issue.

Despite Mosterd's estimates, the Dutch opposition Labour party (PvdA) argues that it is still unclear how much money will be paid out, as it is unclear how many divorced women can apply for the payment.