A Dutch insurance company has put out feelers for a global commodities strategy via IPE Quest’s Discovery service.

According to DS-2507, the investor is preparing to allocate at least €100m, to be invested either actively or passively in listed and unlisted assets.

The insurer is open to a segregated mandate or a pooled fund, using physical or futures-based strategies.

In an update to the tender published on 7 February, the investor stated that its main investment objectives would “probably be diversification/low correlation, and/or inflation linked”.

There is no specified benchmark and the investor is open to considering risk premia strategies, CTA strategies, illiquid assets, and farmland investments.

Interested parties have until 8 February at 5pm UK time to submit strategies.

Other open searches on IPE Quest include a Swiss pension fund seeking managers for a $4bn (€3.5bn) (QN-2506, deadline 11 February). 

The IPE news team is unable to answer any further questions about IPE Quest, Discovery, or Innovation tender notices to protect the interests of clients conducting the search. To obtain information directly from IPE Quest, please contact Jayna Vishram on +44 (0) 20 3465 9330 or email jayna.vishram@ipe-quest.com.

This article was updated on 7 February after more information was provided by the investor.