NETHERLANDS - Dutch Social Affairs' minister Aart Jan de Geus has been put forward as deputy secretary general of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in Paris.

According to OECD spokesman Nicholas Bray, De Geus is one of several people who have been nominated by OECD secretary general Angel Gurria. The nomination will put to the vote during a members' meeting on 20 February.

At present, three of the four positions of deputy secretary generals at the OECD are vacant. The fourth will become vacant later this year, Bray said.

If appointed, De Geus, will be heading the political and social-economic reforms, his spokeswoman confirmed.

De Geus, 51, has been Social Affairs' and Employment minister since 2002. He oversaw the introduction of the new Pensions Act. It sets requirements for the size of schemes' capital and enshrines co-decision-making of fund participants in law.

Moreover, the Pensions Act sets rules for pensions funds and insurers to explain to their participants and pensioners on their capital built-up and indexation of their pensions to inflation at least once a year.

De Geus had already indicated that he wouldn't be available for a second term as a minister. At the moment, final discussions are taking place on the formation of a new Dutch cabinet.

The OECD is a 30-members organisation of democratic countries with a market economy and respect for human rights.