NETHERLANDS - Boris Dittrich, the chairman of the centre liberal D66 party, the third party in the Dutch government, has proposed raising the pension age from 65 to 67 within the next 25 years.

The proposal was made in a pamphlet to be discussed by the party the coming months. According to Dittrich, the need for an increase of the pension age is based on current developments in society.

He reckons that, taking into account the need for a continuous solidarity between the generations, the current pension age is no longer feasible.

He says: “Many older and wealthy Dutch people are wary to about taking measurers to provide a secure future for the young at present.

“Solidarity between generations is a necessity, so hard choices have to be made about pensions, healthcare and social security.” He said the ageing of Dutch society, supported by an increased immigration, requires a new structure of society in general.

The party will discuss and vote on the issues in November. Until now, the other political parties have not yet wanted to react to the proposals.

However, the general feeling is that there will be increased opposition to the Dittrich proposals, trade unions and the majority of political parties in parliament will not agree to the proposals.

As already stated by the CDA, the largest Dutch government party, they don’t see any need for a renewed discussion on the pension age.